Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy a Home at Chartridge Park?

In the current market, we have pre-owned park homes available for sale, starting from £85,000 up to £110,000. 

Cost of living in a Home at Chartridge Park?

Residents are invoiced monthly by Chartridge Park Ltd, for rent of the land on which the home is sited. Metered electricity, fixed water and sewage charges.  Most residents have LPG gas tanks or bottles, these are to be arranged directly with the gas suppliers. Chartridge Park is assessed as A and B for Council Tax charges.

Do I need to pay any legal fees when purchasing a home?
The purchase of a park home does not require any stamp duty, solicitor’s fees or surveys however we do advise that you seek legal advice or request the services of an independent surveyor.
Are there other legal matters I should be aware of?

Park homes come under the Mobile Homes Act legislation. Residents enter into a ‘agreement’ with Chartridge Park Limited (CPL) which sets out the rights and obligations of residents and CPL. 

Is there a limit to how long I may live at Chartridge Park?

We are residential park & you can live here 12 months of the year.

Can I sell my home at any time?

Yes you can. You can sell your home privately with an Estate Agent or through Chartridge Park Limited. In some cases  you can sell it to Chartridge Park Limited

Is there an age restriction to live on Chartridge Park?
No, Chartridge Park is open to eveyrone regardless of age.
Are park homes easy to look after?
All our homes are on one level. Some exteriors are finished in roughcast paint and this may need re-coating every three years or so. Others have uPVC cladding or similar very low maintenance products on the outside.
Do you allow pets?

We have a  strictly no dogs  rule on the park at any time.  This includes visitors bringing dogs onto the park.

Do I own the plot?

No, the land is leasehold.

Do Park Homes retain their value?
Park Home property values generally move in line with any other homes and reflect local land and property prices. Consequently, as property values rise, the competition for more affordable property rises and pushes up prices.