Chartridge Residential Park  FAQ’s  – your questions answered

  • Is there a limit to how long I can live at Chartridge Residential Park during a year?

No.  We are a permanent residential park, and you can live here for 12 months of the year.

  • Does Chartridge Residential Park have a Site Licence?

Yes.  We have a permanent site licence with Chiltern District Council.

  • Does Chartridge Residential Park rent out park homes?

No.  All residents own their homes, and no subletting is permitted.

  • Can I get a Mortgage on residential park home?

No.  Mortgages are not available on park homes in the UK, as you don’t own the land on which it is sited.  However, there are specialist finance lenders regulated under the Financial Services Authority.  These companies can provide up to 80% of the cost of the home over a 15 year period on homes under 20 years old.

  • Does Chartridge Residential Park have age restrictions?

No.  Anyone aged 18+ can legally own a home here on the park.

  • Does Chartridge Residential Park allow pets?

Yes.  We allow 1 cat per household.  But strictly ‘no dogs’ allowed on the park at anytime, with the exception of registered assistance dogs.

  • Does Chartridge Residential Park have rules on vehicles?

Yes.  We allow one insured and taxed vehicle (maximum kerb weight 3,500kg) per named occupier.  No household may keep more than two vehicles on the park.

  • How much does it cost to live at Chartridge Residential Park?

You own your home and rent the plot upon which it is sited.  Pitch Fees, Water/Sewage and Metered Electric are invoiced on a monthly basis by the park.  Payments are made by direct debit from your bank account.  The current costs can be provided upon request.

  • What about council tax at Chartridge Residential Park?

The park is rated in band A for council tax purposes.  Residents are responsible for paying this directly to Chiltern District Council. 

  • What about gas supply  at Chartridge Residential Park?

Homes are supplied with LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) either in a tank or bottles.  Residents are responsible for organising their own gas supply with a supplier of their choice.

  • What about  phone/internet connections at Chartridge Residential Park?

All homes have a BT phone line.  Residents are responsible for organising their own phone and internet connection with a supplier of their choice.

  • What about household waste at Chartridge Residential Park?

The Council collect general household waste and recycling  from your plot on alternate weeks.  Food waste is collected weekly.

  • How can I arrange a viewing of homes for sale at Chartridge Residential Park?

Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and complete the form or call the office.